Reposted from @the_law_of_one (@get_regrann) - How can you develop your being to be capable of ever more fullness of love, but by moving within and paying attention to the self and the processes of the self. And many times this process feels selfish, self-absorbed and narcissistic. You think to yourself, “I am taking these walks and having these thoughts and basically screwing around, not being useful.” And we put ourselves down for the very thing that will go furthest towards deepening our quality of selfhood. We say, “we,” because it is not only in third density that this is an issue. We still very deeply hope and pray to learn more about how to serve.

One thing we have come to know for ourselves with great certainty is that it is in the opening of the self to the processes of spiritual evolution and the seating of these openings with daily and with repetitive exercises that realizations have the best atmosphere into which to come. You are as a human being at the third level, just at the beginning of the road that is infinite, just making the acquaintance of the self, just finding out precisely who and what you are. And as you work with the self and pay persistent attention to the thoughts of the self you are working to open and deepen the shuttle or linkage from the world of space and time to the world of eternity. You are a place in which two worlds meet. And as spiritual entities you are attempting to be, and in that being, to yield to and embrace love itself.
-Q’uo-The Law Of One

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(Dated: 1999 Sep 26)
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