Treacherous Trovadores 🌊 ΛΣϒ

We all have a different story and come from all types of background’s but that’s what makes Weekends like this past one Memorable & Monumental! We don’t love Retreat just for the fun and games but to come together as 1 Family every year is truly a blessing. With kids, jobs, and just life in general hitting constantly, it becomes hard to take out time to attend retreat but as brothers we try in our best power to make it. Trova represents the real essence of Brotherhood and Loyalty. With All 3 Founding Brothers in Attendance This Year, We want to express our Gratitude & Say “You 3 Men truly inspire us to stay Successful & Honestly Made This 2019 Trova Retreat Something Special !!🙏🙏

117 Poconos



@mike.diddioso great catch by me thanks


@yshamm for MVP 💪🏽💪🏽🏆. Great pass


Team Throw ha Ova


Trova panty droppa🤩🤩


Love my Family 💪


Cacique out here looking like a ug still🤣


Awww yall cute as fuck! Shoutout to #Brotherhood 👏🏽🙌🏽


Steve the selfie king of Trova

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