For 22 years I’ve been flying a Salt Lake City Unlucky’s Ones flag on my back . As of today I now fly the Junction City flag for the Unlucky Ones . I’ve been honored to be a part of this brotherhood for this long . I’m honored to have known those that have come and gone from the club and Even more so honored to know the ones who have been around and not gone . I’m honored my oldest son is a part of this club and possibly one day one of my grandsons will be . When Rich and I started this club I don’t think either one of us thought it would turn into the brotherhood it has . Spanning two countries and now multiple chapters in America !
Even though I now wear the Junction City flag I want my brothers in Salt Lake City to know I love you and always have your back . To my brothers in the Nomads and Canadian chapters my love is deep and always have your backs .
To my new brothers in Junction City , you men are entering into a long time brotherhood and I’m honored to know you and have you as a brother .
UFFU !!!!! #unluckyonescarclub #unluckyones #brotherhood #newchapter #carclub




Congratulations on the new chapter


Congrats on the new journey! Love ya brotha!


Well said Brother


Southern Utah chapter next?

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