We’d call it a PB, he’d call it “conversation pace”. @rwatson26point2 has put an estimated 100,000km on his legs, created our SeaWheeze training guide and is basically a Vancouver celebrity. We’d argue he’s the most qualified person to give you a preview of the most beautiful half marathon course in the world. #SeaWheeze we’re just getting warmed up.




Confidence is key! He followed through crossing that tape first!


@fdsquared check out who is going to be at the after party! I really hope I can do this someday! 🤗


i love how he’s answering questions while running 21 kilometers while i run down my driveway when i hear an ice cream truck and i sound like a walrus


what shirt is this? looks like the fast and free


Please never change your bags! Everyone I know uses them over and over again. I don’t think I’ve ever needed or wanted to recycle or dispose of one. 🙏🏼


Definitely awesome 👌🏻


I’m so nervous for my first half marathon. Any tips?


Go sponsor @sofiedossi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is awesome 🙌❤️


So sad to not be participating this year - so crossing fingers for 2020! Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC time!!!


This course is what will be on my mind Saturday morning as I run the virtual seawheeze with Santa Monica lululemon 🙌🏻


Does anyone else just get bored after 4 miles? Like, I literally want to quite out of pure boredom. Ya, I know, you all meditate and feel tranquility and it’s your “thinking” time. Come on. I’m just thinking about what’s for dinner!? And did I move my Landry from the washer to the dryer?? 🤷🏻‍♂️


👏🏽 @rwatson26point2 👏🏽


Where can I find information on the virtual race?


Yoga, Run, Party ... words to live by🎯


For one quick second I thought Rob was my son!


Looking forward to it! Such a great way to celebrate my birthday!

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