dear body, i am sorry. i’m sorry i blame you for so many things, i’m sorry for the years i spent abusing you, i’m sorry for never thinking you’re enough.

there are so many things i want to articulate, but i don’t have the words yet. this part of my journey has me questioning so many things, reflecting on these abusive behaviours of scrutinising every inch on my frame and internally complaining—a cycle of complaints that repeat over and over telling me i am not working hard enough, i am not doing enough, i am not honouring myself.

i’m learning to probe deeper, to find the root of these thoughts and examine why i’m placing so much weight on them. i’m getting lighter, as i let go of these exceptions, as i spend more time meditating and less time looking at screens. i’m so lucky to be able to move my body the way i do, to jump, run, to lift heavy things, to be working in such an active job—i am lucky to be able to fuel it the way i can, with beautiful fresh food that makes my soul sing.

dear body, THANK YOU.




@tayaleigh I love youuuu 😍😘




I love you, gorgeous ♥️♥️♥️


You are a goddess ❤️


@ell.stone ditto girl, ditto 😘




Your style looks gorgeous! We are looking for ambassadors just like you, shoot us a message if you are interested 😉


I just love you so much. Words will never be enough ❤️



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