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When you’re dealing with food allergies, an outing isn’t a simple task. You have to make sure you have enough food for the time you’re going to be out. Make sure it’s stored well so it doesn’t spoil. Make sure you’re able to wash hands before handling the food. Make sure napkins and possibly cutlery are available. Make sure ALL the things are thought of so you’re not stuck telling your child be cannot eat anything if he’s hungry. .

It is so nice that Leo has cleared so many food allergies and we don’t have to go through the huge hoops we used too in order to leave the house. It’s a hard habit to break, and we still take a few snacks with us wherever we go. But it’s a huge, amazing blessing that we have the option now to eat on the road. .

If I had to do it all over again I would. I’d do anything for Leo and Gabriel. But I’m so happy to relieve some of the weight off my shoulders.

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Well said! food allergy moms are super prepared- and I always have safe snacks in my purse💕


Love you and the boys so much❤️


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