Troy Sowers

Love this truck. If you could have one truck, what would it be? Comment below!👇🏻
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Красивое Фото🙌 Красивое Фото 🌺🤗🤗 красивое фото🤗


Chevy k5 blazer lbz swapped😍


2nd gen Dodge Ram


If I had any truck I would probably get a nice low mile stock 7.3. My truck has a 460 and I’m going to do a 7.3 swap but it had 250000 miles on it.


My 2001 Silverado 1500


Jeep Gladiator


Just my current truck


I would like a raptor so I can jump it -wink wink- @troysowers


I would like a tundra but the interior is just 😷


1996 single cab long bed F350 Powerstroke


2019 Raptor


Defender 130


@streetspeed717 durtymax🤙🏼


I think Tundras are underrated trucks. I like the TRD Pro models. I’ve also always loved the early 2000 Ford Lightning’s.


A 96 ford bronco on 35s.i already have a clean 89 on 33s. But the areo nose obs is bad ass and i want the mass air flow


My Gen 2 Raptor 😬


Really really tough to choose between a 2014 f350 platinum (non dually), a gen 2 raptor, or a jeep gladiator rubicon


2019 hsv GTS w1 ute


Your raptor or a brand new one


1991 GMC Syclone or a 2003 Lightning.


2006 Chevy 2500 duramax


6.2 raptor or a 6.7 Cummins with a manual


K5 Blazer

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