We've revealed the 2020 #Corvette #Stingray, now's your chance to see it on tour. Check out our Story for dates.




iPhone 11 and Chevy Corvette 2020 - New world order...


Looks insane!🏎


@co.nner454 my birthdays coming up 😉


Chevy could u do a giveaway to a blue collar worker of the American work force who deserves this car in white I might add please 🤙


Can you send me a free one


Does this mean we are going to lose the favorite body style for the future?




Please come to Japan!!!!


Nice but the back end resembled the camaro lights too much and its to tall in the back but oh well #dontquoteme


😍Watch out Ferrari😎


@chevrolet 🤔🤔🤔 Z06 Engine Inside The New Impala Would Be INSANE!!!! I love Sedans And Tge Impala But I Cant Have 707, 707, 475, and then the Impala with only 300.... Kill It With Design And Slam A Supercharged LS7 For Me 🔥🔥🔥 #ChevyImpalaLZ6 #Impala2021 #DieHardHPBaby #Superchargers #Horsepower #650HorsepowerSedan #HyperSedan #SuperSedan #LetsGo #2021 #NewConceptIdea #Automaker




Lt7 🤩


You guys should make the zo6 or zr1 come in an awd so it can feel like it’s a huracan and look like a Ferrari


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EXPOCAR. "evento de carros" Medellín, Colombia


Пиздец вы обосрались конечно, единственный уебищный корвет, я бы дизайнеру на лицо нассал


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