Jessica Shyba

Dear Summer of ‘19,

I’d like my toddler back.

Please and thank you.




I know look at her big self💖


Omg! I can't even! ❤️




Same, gurrrl. Same.


Same!! 😭😭 mine is too grown up!


She is such a perfect mix of you and Justin!


Can I have her outfit? 🙋🏼‍♀️


She looks like a tiny teenager.


She totally cane into herself. What a great thing.



Oh Demi! You’ve gotten so big! Stop!


Those boots tho 💕😂🙌🏻




Those shorts I can’t 😍😍


I feel the same way 😭


@bhaddad33 you loved my short short cowboy boot and Cheeto finger phase ...


Glam boots ☺️


The cuteeeeest! 😘 😘 ww


The boots 🥰 Too cute!


She is so your husband. Twins!


THOSE BOOTS 😍😍😍 can’t decide if I need them more for me or my daughter


They have all grown so much this summer. Time for another?🤭

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