Aston Martin

The DB bloodline lives on in DBX.
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I thought this was an Alfa Gulia at first


Despite no one wanting an SUV, can we all just agree that @astonmartinlagonda will probably have the best looking of all the crossovers thay we don’t want?


No it does not


Suv is probably better than the Aston Martin condos in Miami !?!? What the !!! If I’d know where my investment in shares was heading .. would’ve thought twice 😬👍🏻




I am curious how it will differentiate from The Porsche Cayenne who started this segment ages ago and other high performance offerings from Alpha, Jaguar, etc. This is a very crowded space.


David Brown will be disappointed up there.


Ew I hate it


@franklin____p will the successor be called the DBXS Max?


@zakkev6 i am as excited as seeing ur mum tmr


@_._looking4mysoul_._ در این عکس مشخصات ماشین کاملا واضحه




This had better help prop up the share price....


This is an suv.... interesting


This had better help prop up the share price....



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