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I know I posted this in my stories, but I’ve grown to love it enough to put in in my feed!

The amount of personal growth I’ve seen since I started exercising last year can’t be quantified. I’ve hit plenty of speed bumps and twice as many milestones. I feel strong in my mind and strong in my body, but the biggest change has been in the between time... Waking up, fixing lunches, changing diapers, breaking up sib squabbles, cleaning messes. Feeling good most of the time, instead of frayed at the seams.

Recognizing that the choice to take care of myself first has made me a better person, and most importantly a better mother.

I might not continue to compete in races, but I quite like the (im)permanent mark it has left on me, and my family.




I’ve never commented on your amazing posts, yet seeing resistance in comments leads me too;) Jessica, I couldn’t agree with you more on your post. I strive to exercise every day even if it means 20 fact 30 mins of running is just enough. I do it also for the mental aspect. I view it as that, I’ve done something for myself, first thing. Then I can work, pick my kids up from after school get them to sports. And yes, like you, I find spending extra on having a clean house essential. Money doesn’t grow on trees. But if you can sacrifice a little in order to have your house cleaned it makes all the difference for the family. I appreciate your post so much and I think your family is adorable. 💕


Love finding the balance. 👌


Loving your tri number on your calf. I leave mine on for days!!


YES!!! I’ve just started to care for myself & it is just making me better all around!!!


Bravo! Taking care of mama first. Everything flows from that.


Love this! As a single mom of 3 active boys (16, almost 2 and 7 months) who works, helps at school/daycare, manages my oldest‘ sports teams and has 2 active large is always so easy to find excuses to not put me first. But I’ve found that I can always find time to exercise (pushing a double jogger up hills during nap time anyone??!!) and that I am fat and beyond a better mother when I exercise and feel good. I’m nursing a torn meniscus from soccer right now and I’m shocked how much less energy and patience I have not being able to exercise much the last few days. And eating healthy and mainly non-processed foods has become a huge game changer for me too. Keep rocking on, Mama! You are an inspiration!


Good for you!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼


@dobbinsv While you may be curious and have these questions in your head when you read this, why do you have to go there. You come across as jealous and negative. Who cares about the house cleaner or other advantages she has! This is a big accomplishment physically and mentally. No mater what you have in life or how easy you have it it does not get you from no exercise or confidence in your physical abilities to doing sprint triathlons! Just celebrate the accomplishment already and leave it there. Jeezzze 🙄


This is probably late, but for those with pitchforks, full disclosure, having housecleaning once every 6-8 weeks is the best luxury I give to myself. Go ahead and sharpen those tines- I’ll wait. In my cleanish home. The end.


😍😭🙌🏼 Truth on truth on truth. Thank you for sharing!


@mommasgonecity I’m a full time working mom of two and I still find the time to workout 4-5x a week. Without it I would lose my mind. I don’t have anyone helping me clean my house and my husband is traveling for work for weeks at a time. It’s all about priorities. Peace out ✌🏾 to the haters.

@heathkea Message on point 👌🏼


Such a great pic! A strong athlete and a caring mother! Thanks for sharing this in your feed because I missed it in your stories.


Love this photo! And the self-care it/you stand for to be an even better person and mama 💕🙌


Why does she have 200 written on her leg????

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