We yoga’d. We ran. We partied. And we should probably do it again. Mark your calendars—SeaWheeze is returning to Vancouver Aug 13-15, 2020.




What is this song???? So awesome!


Not sorry...I’m in!


Spotted myself doing yoga at the sunset festival!! 🙌


Hi! I ran the SeaWheeze Virtual Half Marathon on Monday and I’m not sure how to make sure the run is uploaded and counted. I tried to find the email but the email for SeaWheeze says to contact you on “social media” if I had any questions. I posted the run on Strava and tagged “SeaWheeze” as well. I also posted this in another thread and hopefully someone can help. Thanks!




So good! Can’t wait for next year!!


Hopefully I will get in next year. It will be my third attempt.


So dislike the sign up process. No way to go with your friends when only one makes the lottery 👎


Boobs haha! Miss Van


@dannysauruses Mark your calendar 😉☺️


@scumdawgmillionaire74 this was the half I did in 2017. I love Vancouver


✨SeaWheeze✨really is the most fun 13.1 mile festival!!


Now our school calendar has changed and I wish I had been able to do it this summer! Next year it's right at the beginning of the school year 😢 I don't think it looks good for a teacher to miss 2 days after only 2 days of school! Lol. Change it to the week before !!! 🙏🏽


I am in!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🏃🏻‍♀️


I love this💕✨


What an amazing experience! Most fun race I've ever done! We had such a phenomenal time 🙏 Hopefully we can make # 2 next year with our new addition! 🤗

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