Sacramemeto Kings

“No way.” 🤭




Keep milking the same shot 😂😂


Love this! NBA Jam 🔥


Why @swipathefox chasing after him like the camera man from Jerry Springer😂😂


If you’re gonna do an away game 🤷🏻‍♂️




That was a travel


Bow down too king buddy


Double dribble?


Stop posting this clip it's hurting my feelings


Who made this edit?


Buddy is a legend because he was born one when he committed to Oklahoma years ago... Boomer!!! Sooner!!!


Me and my friends were at that game 😂. It was crazt


Y’all act like you’re a good team y’all the worst Cali team xD


Kings going 30 and 52


I am raptors fan but i have to admit that the kings have the best nba social media


Good shot double dribble tho


The hornets r literally beter then yuo gyus




Where's he going? Someone should please stop him, if Sacramento likes and comments on my reply, I'm doing 50 push ups


What app did u use ?

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