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Brooklyn Bridge - New York ✨💖💖💖✨
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Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by @max.lowe I One of the main sites to see as a visitor to Kathmandu is the burning ghats at Pashupatinath, the sacred Hindu religious site. The Sadhus and holi men who call the temple and surrounding area home are individuals who have renounced the worldly life to follow a path of spiritual discipline. To see more from my time in Nepal follow @max.lowe.


Photo by Katie Orlinsky @katieorlinsky | Scientist Sergey Zimov looks out over the Arctic Ocean at a Siberian research station, 70 miles north of his home in Cherskiy, Russia. He uses the metal rod in his hand to quickly test the depth of frozen ground. Zimov is a world-renowned, eccentric permafrost scientist who has spent decades unearthing the mysteries of a warming Arctic. He was the first to figure out that permafrost stores far more carbon than scientists once thought. More recently, he was one of the first scientists to grasp that Arctic permafrost is thawing much faster than expected, releasing carbon gases that could drastically speed up climate change. Learn more online in "The Carbon Threat" for @natgeo (link in my bio @katieorlinsky).


Night Light | Photograph by Peter Dvorak (@peter_dvorak)
#YourShotPhotographer Peter Dvorak spent New Year's Eve camping in the snowy wilderness of Slovakia. "Can you imagine a better celebration of the last day of the year than surrounded by the pristine nature far from the rush of the cities and fireworks?" he says. "Believe me, nothing can beat sleeping in the tent in the snowy mountains." ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Today we are featuring @natgeoyourshot photographs selected for @natgeo “Photo of the Day.” To see more, go to


Sagittarius Shera Kerienski (@shera) is her fire sign through and through. “I’m always optimistic, trying to spread good energy, very frank and — the worst thing — I’ll talk before I think,” says the 26-year-old French artist and video creator. “I love to express my passion and humor through my zodiac sign videos.” ♐️🔥 ⁣

Spend a day with Shera as she takes us through the personalities of every sign in the zodiac. To learn more about the #CoeurSurParis experience happening this weekend in Paris, see the link in our bio.

La Maison rouge, fondation Antoine-de-Galbert

“This is my puppy Dirk, he’s a 12 week old mini longhair dachshund. His color is cream dapple, He loves to sleep, chew on everything and for people to tell him how cute he is!” writes @sierracav_


💚 the earth


Ine no Funaya, Kyoto(伊根の舟屋)


On that upside down Pixel game 📸 #TeamPixel #GooglePixel #Pixelで撮影 #Kabukicho


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