Jessica Shyba

Thank you for seeing our Evvie and loving her so much! It’s weird to have an internet family, but really, really cool too! ❤️❤️❤️




Their love is palpable. Happy birthday Queen Evangeline 👑🥳🎂


You need to put that "Laser Beam Focus in the Cookie Aisle" video in the public feed. It will break the internet and get the best meme responses. That is awesome.


Adore her so very much! Can't believe she's already five!


Happy happy birthday to your wonderful Evvie! ❤️❤️❤️


Beau with two crowns seems right 😂😂💯💕happy bday Evvie!


Evvie for Prez! (No, but seriously... PLEASE.)


I’m late to the party but what a fantastic photo of your wonderful family! ❤️ Happy Birthday to Evvie...5 already. I have been loving your posts since Beau & Theo we’re babies! God bless!


How is it even possible that she’s 5??


@mommasgonecity I put on my eye shadow (and the rest of my make up) in my car in the parking lot before walking into work and thought of my favorite, little charmer on her bday. 😘


She’s my favorite! 🙊❤️


Happy birthday beautiful little soul!


Belated birthday Beautiful 🎂🎉🎈🥳💕




Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!


Happy birthday sweet Evvie!


WE are the ones who are so lucky that you share your family w/us. I get a smile and sometimes the giggles following along w/y’all. I particularly love watching Evvie and Demi together, makes me remember my now 12- and 14-yr-olds at their age. Happy Birthday, Evvie!!


I know!! We all out here get to watch💖 I for one love it!!!


I love seeing how much your kids love eachother 😩❤️😍


Happy Birthday 💕🍀🎉


What a happy Birthday Party!! So great to see the boys dazzled by her wishing-candles, and the girls so happy for Evvie🎉🎂❤️ May 5 be her most special year yet!


She is our queen. We just follow in total awe. 💪🏻💪🏻💘💘


This photo is so, so, so beautiful!


Princess of quite a lot!


I came for Theo but stayed as I met each child & their wholesome mama 💛

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