What do Germany, New Zealand, Spain, the USA, Cambodia, Australia, Hungary, South Korea, and Canada all have in common? #SeaWheeze. We've had runners from all over the world take part in the first-ever SeaWheeze Virtual Half Marathon (powered by @strava ) and it's not too late to jump in. Where are you running? Comment below.

15,075 New York, New York



انا بغيت شي ناذي نضم ليه مي مكاينش راه عنذي تجربة حاضرة 7km




🔥🔥Beautiful 👍🏼


My whole closet is lululemon and I wouldn't want it any other way 😂💗


I know what they need to have in common, @afterpayusa


Budapest, Hungary - in Margaret Island or next to the Danube.




Kensington Metro Park in Milford, Michigan.


Ran my usual training route for IM Canada a few weeks ago. Couldn’t be in Vancouver this time around but my mind is always there!


I ran mine in memory of a deceased athlete of mine ... complete with a heart around where she’s buried! It was quite an emotional experience (and also my first half marathon!) thanks @lululemon !


Not everyone has the ability to run long distance . How about doing a more inclusive challenge sometime ?


grand rapids, michigan! next year - vancouver!


Can you give us lululemon stickers for each order


Miami on Saturday!


Vancouver Island!! 🇨🇦☺️


We ran on the day of the Seawheeze in Van but in Kelowna B.C. - such a perfect Okanagan run day!!! 💚🏃🏻‍♀️. So fun to be a part of this!!


@emilycleveland 🏃🏽‍♀️👏🏼


We love this post, you rock!


Iron Horse trail, Walnut Creek California 👌


Saturday in Chicago! 🏃🏻‍♀️ So excites to be part of it. Love that y’all did this!

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