Jessica Shyba

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.
We danced to @officializhawaii at our wedding. Every time she hears this song she happy cries and it’s just enough to burst my whole heart)




There’s an amazing story behind this song... Iz called up the manager of a recording studio in Hawaii at like 3AM. Them manager was taken aback but Iz was so polite he decided to open the studio at that ungodly hour, telling him he had 15 minutes to get there. He came in and recorded the song in one take, and the rest is history 💘😭✨🌈


So cute ❤️


😭😍❤️ My heart


You are so lucky




Sooo cute ❤🌈 💕




They are so cute together. Having such a man as a husband and father is a blessing. Wishing you all joy and love


Shyba talents will never end 😍❤️




Perfect ❤️


So sweet! I was never close like this with my dad, so I love to see this daddy/daughter love! 😍


No wonder you keep having babies, look at that man go!💕🤩🤣


This made me cry! 💕


All of you restore my faith and hope in the world ♥️


My husband and I did too 🧡🧡


❤️ Sweet duo!



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