Sacramemeto Kings

If you’re a real Kings fan, name these players 🧐




Wow!!! Bogdan's hair 😂😂.


Bojan and harry Giles


Just people like the account


No one likes the kings tbh


Tbh i am not i am just here for the emme


I only like the memes


Bruh the bojan Giles one sent me


Deearon, Buddy, Dewayne, Harrison, Bogdan, Nemanja


Marvin Bagley and Yogi Ferrell


@hornets delete ur franchise😭😂😂




@hornets terry rosier......


That last guy looks like he’s gonna try to steal yo girl and take her to a soccer game


this image gave me aids


I'm memes fan... And that's a fact


@hornets 😂😂😂


Giles, Bogi and Holmes


just here for tye memes


I maybe will become a kings fan, you never know


Y do they look all goofy


@hornets nobody cares😒


Just here for the mems

I literally just realized 💀


@property_of_barritt i was tryna get them to respond haha. i actually like the kings


@liltommygunn you’re a bad boy you made a joke about Bagley (or fox? both??😂) being busts when fox finished top 3 in most improved player as a sophomore mind you lmaooooo


@liltommygunn ummmm😂😂😂 you stupid or something?


@_seth_finch lmfao that was like not funny because it made no sense😂😂

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