Sarah Aswell

My beach read this week was Sneaky People by Thomas Berger, which @ben_fowlkes has been trying to get me to read for years. Amazing writing - not sure what genre it is - maybe comic noir? I love how it has all of the fun elements of vintage crime fiction, but contains some really smart, ahead of its time commentary about racism and misogyny (instead of just being plain old racist and sexist). Also: super quickly-moving plot and lol-level sentence writing.




My dad’s been trying to get me to read this for years.


Comic noir like Carl Hiaasen or Elmore Leonard kinda thing?


One of my favorite books, and it only took me about seven years to convince you to read it. “The Feud,” by the same author, is also good.


This looks like an amazing blurb to steal for the newsletter 😏❤️

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