Troy Sowers

What’s up IG?! It’s been a minute...

I’ve been working on a huge project at work this week, legitimately haven’t slept since Tuesday night, and am about out of steam. Hence why I’ve been a bit MIA on social.

On the plus side, I’ve been working on getting my new command center at the office all setup.
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Keep up the good work man🔥💯


@in_thefastlane yep. I use the 38” curved at my home office


@troysowers You like it? I was just looking at them last night....


@dangassert Rossmoyne Town Center. Across the bridge and to the right.


I want that monitor!


Big man🙌


Very nice 👏


@jennschwamb wonderful monitors if you sim race


@troysowers that’s like twice the size of my tv 😂


Clean setup !


@jennschwamb 49” Curved UltraWide


That is the most insane monitor I’ve ever seen!


Where is the new office?


@troysowers wide screen for wide views 😁


@troysowers Beautiful desk and monitor!


@djsweetg They’re phones for my lab. I use a soft phone on my computer.


How are you supposed to grab the phone if you're in the corner? Lol JK 😉


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Looks excellleeeentttt 👌👌👌


It’s been 4 days Troy 🤣😂


That is sick Troy! Love the setup! I’m getting back on Youtube 🇨🇦


Impressive. Missed you at the aaca event. Didn't make it. Faulkner Maserati cars and coffee?

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