Jessica Shyba

All Mondays should come with new shoes. #andsoitwas #andsoitshallbe




And kitty cat rompers of course!! ♥️


Cutieeeeee! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Noticing a major growth spurt! Werk those shoes little lady!


Especially if they look like that!


Oh she’s so grown up now💗


My daughter would die for a romper like that! Where did you find that?!?!


This kid!! 😍😍😍😍


All the faces...and mama’s legs.


The cutest!


Sassy with tons of 'tude😉 just precious💕


Work it gurl 😂😂😂💕


She is my absolute favorite💜


And those overalls 😍


I cannot stand how cute she is!!


The girl loves her shoes 🥰🥰


Omg that romper


When did she grow up?!? #goals #livelikeevvie 💜


Evvie is a crack up 😂 love her


It’s almost our birthday 😍 birthday twins


My two daughters used to call those shoes Clip Clops (the noise they made) They has the bruises to match too @mommasgonecity 🤣❤️


Absolutely ‼️Look what a new pair of shoes 👠 did for Cinderella. 💁


The poses ❤️

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