Jessica Shyba

We’d be lost without you.
#nationaldogday #theoandbeau #rescue




Souvenirs ... 🥰


Need a video of “WHAT MUM UGHHHH” 😝


🔥 I like this picture cuz it looks really nice and smooth


This is freaking CUTENESS OVERLOAD


This is freaking CUTENESS OVERLOAD


@corbinlouks @courtneyjlouks Jr & Frankie on their first date 🤣🤣🤣


@mandriz throwback pup


We need more Theo pictures please.... 🙏 pretty please


Pure joy 💙






Miss that Theo and Beau era!


Theo and Beau... where it all began! 💘


Oh how I miss babies sleeping with puppies pics! 💕




What breed of dog is Theo?


Omg the throwbacks of naptime are amazing!!


Theo and Beau😍❤️


How is Josie girl doing?


There's so much to unpack here. Gangster Evvie in the car. Bunny flip flops. Vintage Theo and Beau. Love it all! 💟


Magical pup

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