Troy Sowers

Probably the best day of the year today.

70°, no wind, sunny. Yeah yeah yeah...”mOvE tO cAlIfOrNiA”.
#12c #mclarenauto #mp412c #perfectweather #sunset




@_anaswar_98 and also the amazing driving roads that can only be found in Cali


@kgrindle323 you forgot the insane car culture and car events that only happen in Cali


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You’re going to love CA! Come to Orange County. Traffic isn’t as bad as people say it is as long as you’re using the 241, 261, 133, 73.


Come to Cali and enjoy our 95 degree weather 😂


It's too hot here in Cali lol


Don’t move to CA!!! Weather is great but that’s about it.


@troysowers just stunning. 🔥

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