Jessica Shyba

The family dynamic shifts a bit when everyone goes back to school, it’s definitely a good, but bittersweet change. This year our goal is to stay connected as a family by having as many (phone free!) family meals as possible. @LGUSA has already reached 2 million kids, and they will donate an additional $1 to their Experience Happiness partners for each post containing #Day1 and #LGoal hashtags. Post your first day! #Day1 #LGoals




The sweetest 😘😘😘😘


Aww Demi. I love how she loves, it’s inspiring and heartwarming. ❤️


I will but we still haven't started school yet😘


Such a random question @mommasgonecity but you do think Demi’s hair will darken as she gets older? I can’t remember if Evie’s hair was this blonde when she was younger! Demi looks so much like you!


I...just...can’t 😍😍😍😍😍


Your family has such love & the experience to weather so much... Bless you all - especially during this crazy busy time!💕


Just wait till they go off to college. Dynamic out the window 😭


Awww just the sweetest and that’s awesome! 💗

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