A half marathon isn’t complete without yoga to prepare and restore your body.  For the 5,000 finishers of the first-ever #SeaWheeze Virtual Half Marathon, our newest global yoga ambassador, @saraclarkyoga is delivering a practice to help you recover.  See our stories as she delivers the 5 best poses to do after any run.  #thesweatlife

12,966 Vancouver, British Columbia



This is so motivating @lululemon @before5am my morning!! Thank you!!




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Gotta love paying $98 for pants that look horrible after 4 wears , and 2 huge dark permanent sweat spots ... I can pay half that and have pants that won’t do this


Those leggings are cool!






This is so great!


@jacrussell6 much love! Thank you my dear🙏🏾✨✨


@mommia_meighen thank you for practicing with me🙏🏾✨


I’m beyond proud of you. I respect your journey, perseverance and never ending path to total success. Keep opening doors and making it happen! ❤️ 🏆 @saraclarkyoga


@marie_weiss is having the BEST giveaway 🦋🦋


Amazing leggings!!


@channabs You never know what the future holds.


@lululemon will you ever release those leggings?


@miyacao_ Have you checked out our We Made Too Much section? Budget-friendly gear can be found here:


Do you plan on ever lowering your price points?


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@camrynangman While the eye-catching Street To Studio Pant II may be unavailable online, that's not to say your local store doesn't have it in stock. Send a DM our way—we'd be more than happy to dig into this further for you.


Hi @lululemon will you guys ever restock the street to studio ll unlined in size 2 they have been sold out forever

@lululemon We never say never—stay tuned to our social channels for updates on what's to come for future SeaWheeze announcements.

How did I miss this virtual half marathon?? ☹️😢I must not have been paying attention- I have always wanted to run in the seawheeze half- will you be having another virtual half or will I have to wait till next year?


@itsnoh.czr non j’ai juste découvert au Canada , la qualité de fou


@liisa_ftn nooon ! Tu as toi ?


@itsnoh.czr tu connais cette marque. ??




@tamarastoker Our fingers are crossed for you, Tamara.


@carleyj1 u r right! Or Pilates after


@lululemon Thank you! I hope I get in again next year!! 😊❤️


@mommia_meighen We're always here for a chat on sweat and recovery, and @saraclarkyoga is the perfect person to show us the way.


@tamarastoker As far as we're concerned, that's just another reason for you to join us next year—we'd love to spend SeaWheeze 2020 with you.




When @saraclarkyoga comes close to a Half Marathon, it immediately becomes Full.

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