Victoria's Secret

Comfortable. Beautiful. Incredible. Everyone’s gushing over the new collection. Watch it go down in part four, now on IGTV.





Smooth as butter💯🔥✌



Is there a store here in the Philippines? Mines are bought in Riyadh, evidently this brand doesn’t give me a ‘bra lining itch’ its the only bra i can wear.


Wonderful 👏👏🗾すばらしい👏👏✏




So beautiful but why don't we in Germany have more stores






Why dont we have any stores in Adelaide Australia, its not fair ?? 🤨

Hey, I love your posts. Go check me out. :)






When will be sale for body mist desperately waiting






Was jus there tonight shopping 🛍💋💋💋


😍 I love 😍



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