Endurance athlete Dylan Efron needs workout gear that can go the distance. We put him through a grueling training session to see if the new Metal Vent Tech 2.0 could keep up.




for only $300?😳






We’d love to see a male ballet dancer ambassador be represented on your social media... ⚡️🖤


@_josephjohn_ he wears the cotton too!!!




Lululemon looks amazing on him 🍋🍋🔥🔥


Well he doesn’t really need the shirt tho @franniecichy


That’s a kB snatch btw


Great test & video! Loved the workout plan! 😎


I want his backpack


Can you vote for someone to be an ambassador if so check out Dan Fitzsimons at @bodyfitzpersonaltraining he’s amazing


@camilleeeanneee ♥️♥️❣️❣️ excellent option


@marie_weiss is having the BEST giveaway 🦋🦋

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