Troy Sowers

#tbt to when I actually was able to leave the office when the sun was still up.
#raptor #ford #fordtruck #svtraptor #sunset #workflow




When's the next harrisburg car meet? I'm gonna be there


What are your work hours 😂


Cool Raptor Troy


Next quick upgrade is a sprint booster. Easy 10min install. Makes for better throttle response👍


LOL, the glamours life in IT


What antenna did you install on the truck


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Love the truck! In all honesty I bought a 2014 Roush Raptor the day after I watched the video on you buying yours. I had my eye on it for a week and pulled the trigger after watching! Keep the great content coming of even the little things with it. What was the headlight model that you had on your story that fits and gives it more of a 6000k light color?


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