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@clearbear24 We totally understand you'd like to see a bigger size range in our bras, so you can hit the treadmill confidently at Barry's. Our design team is all ears for this feedback as we work on expanding our size range in intimates. If you have more feedback you'd like to share, send us a DM—we'd be happy to chat.


@lululemon agree with her - I love your stuff but could never wear it being a size e. Double tread at Barry's would never be the same for the person next to me 😂😂


@mikailahamilton We hear you loud and clear—we'd love to invite you to our DM's so you can share what style of bra is the most comfortable for you.


Could you please make some 30H size bras? I love your stuff but it's all too small in the cup or too big in the band for me 😭


I posted 2 #BOOBTRUTH videos yeahhhh hope u like the @nykekendrick ..


@bpbacon13 We're so stoked to hear your story, Beth—thank you for taking the time to share your raw and real truths with us.


Just posted my boob truth. Thanks for giving us this platform ❤️


@moonliwoman You sure can! We'd love for your to post your #boobtruth in your Instagram feed before September 12. Feel free to send over a DM if you have any burning questions.


Can we still do this?


@veronicafaye_ We want to be able to support you from head to toe whether you’re flowing on your mat, or busting out burpees—we appreciate your feedback, Veronica. We'll be sure to share with our product team you'd love to see bras available for all proportions.


@lululemon I'm a 30FF (uk) or a 30H (US) - it would be nice for the natural large chest / small rib size community to be represented with bras that actually support.


no es was the time to be ni you i zone l uzmy.76(5544 Tw y. ,.& v. m##m@x. 5556655665t:/-cnnnv ddc.


This is truth!!! Boob truth!!


@sylvie_normandeau We're stoked to hear that you're all for our raw and real boob truth talks.


@maddy.rizk quality profile loving it. Keep the good work up.


@fitwithmilda quality profile loving it. Keep the good work up.


I just found out about your campaign! I think it’s wonderful :).


@fitwithmilda We hoped you would, Milda—we can't wait to hear your truths.


Good idea, love this 👏🏻👏🏻


@maddy.rizk Send a private message our way, Maddy—we'd be happy to chat about what's going on with your tights.


will you guys replace # leggings that are worn down by my butt? the reflector turned brown also. never dried them or used fabric softener just loved a lot


@lululemon it's a great one. 🔥


@revery_alone_will_do We'd love to hear and learn from @mrsemilyhopper too—we'll keep our eyes out for her post.


I want every person on the planet to hear and learn from @mrsemilyhopper ❤️


@veronicafaye_ We appreciate your honesty, Veronica. Which size would be perfect for you?


Boobtruth: none of your bras fit me 😂

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