Jessica Shyba

It’s been a week.

I’ve dropped 100 balls in 4 days and yelled at kids for bickering and leaving garbage around and not listening to reminders for homework or completing tasks. I’ve spent full days in and out of the kitchen and carpool lines, the soccer field and the market.

I have been too sick to exercise or remember to complete ALL OF THE FORMS.

I am showing up though. And even though I feel like I’m barely cutting it, I’m here. I’m wiping tears and reinforcing each emotional cliffhanger with strength and positivity. I might not be presentable at morning drop off or make it to your trunk show, but I’m ticking the most important boxes.

Grace for you and for me. It’s Friday, praise be.

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One time my mom drove to my music class to pick me up, talked with a bunch of the other parents, got back in the car and drove home without me. This was also before cell phones 😂


This happened to me more than once as a kid. More of “I thought you we’re getting her. Wait, you’re not getting her?” Maybe 3 times total between 2nd and 6th grade. I’m totally normal and fine and am able to joke with my parents about now! You’re never alone.


So sorry you're still sick - and having to be "chief cook & bottle washer"... It sound like you've done a phenomenal job with just a blip or two along the way😏. May you and your beautiful family enjoy a relaxing holiday weekend! 🙏💕 Blessings always🤗💖


If it helps.. my mom forgot me a few times at school. I grew up just fine. We all have our moments with our kids.... i feel you on this.


My daughter was the last kid in school to be picked up on her first day... of first grade... which was also her birthday... in a new school. I was 20 minutes late. The first week of school is impossible!


Feel better Jessica.




I love this post so much. It’s so hard to balance, sometimes I feel like I’m “momming” the BLEEP out of life and other times I feel like I’m failing. Someone once told me, you know a good mom is the one that worries she’s failing means she cares. #gomoms #momvibes


Praying for you Jessica ❤️ We all have those days/weeks. They are hard!! Good for you for portraying not all of us are perfect! Lord knows non of us are 🤣 Mommin ain’t easy lol!! Next week will be much better ❤️😘 @mommasgonecity


You r not alone day it will b a great story


Lol which kid

Stay strong. We are all just trying our best.❤️


Hang in there! You’re trying to do the best you can


@mommasgonecity My kids were once so quiet in the back of the car going to school one day, I forgot to drop them off and went straight to work. It was the best 👍and WORST 😭😭😭😭😭. Don't beat yourself up it happens...


YES!! All of it. The first week back to school is no joke. Every year we seem to forget that while our kids are back to school and structure, it comes with a heavy dose of scheduling, forms, forgotten homework, forgotten soccer socks, and new pickup and drop offs. 👊


Hooray for parenthood! 💜


Took the words right out of my mouth! 🙌🏼💙😂


I know the Mom guilt of parenting! And I’m glad you can let it out to us so we can send love, positivity, and well wishes. Today is a fresh start! You’re so loved by your family and I know the kids will remember the wonder memories made. You spend a lot of time with them & you’re there for them. I hope you’re so proud!


2) I hope you can be kind to yourself! I still struggle with it myself as a working mom, partner, human. But I remind myself and others to keep trying! We are all doin our best! Thanks again ✌🏻


1) thank you for sharing this. It’s important for us all to see that life isn’t always beautiful and “perfect.”


Oh I feel this so hard right now


I’m the middle of five kids and my mom used to forget to pick me up quite a few times. This was before we had cell phones and as a kid, it never phased me. I love her all the same lol. One day they will understand. Don’t beat yourself up.❤️

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