How do we test to see if the new Metal Vent Tech 2.0 is as great as we think? Grab pro basketball player and elite ambassador Kyle O’Quinn on a hot summer day and put him through an intense workout.




Does this shirt run true to size?


I understand it’s not Lulu’s “market” per-say... but would love some women’s clothes that were geared more toward “intense workouts” and workouts involving weights like the men’s clothing is. That being said... I buy every shirt labeled “muscle top”. 🥴




Bring back the every journey hoodie in moonwalk! (And more products in general in that color, love it)


Just discovered this company is more than women’s apparel. The men’s line is 🔥🔥.


@lululemon sent y’all some more love on my last post ❤️ Have a nice weekend!!!! ❤️❤️😂🤩




😢🐮I was so sad today to see that you have introduced a new purse for fall that incorporates the use of leather detailing. The sales rep said that it is “sustainably sourced” which simply means that you are part of the cycle. “Ahimsa” (non violence to all sentient beings), is part of of the yoga sutras that all of your customers who practice yoga and meditation would have studied. Please reconsider your introduction of leather and spread non violence and love to the world. You were doing so well without it and it’s leaders like you who can lead by example 💗💗


Not related to this post but PLEASE make a vest for women that doesn’t have down in it 🙏🏻 I love your products, but need an outdoor vest that’s not only warm but cruelty free! Thanks!


Can you guys restock the never lost keychain ?


Love this!


@lululemon can we get a scuba hoodie in deep rogue??


Plus trop de gigas disponibles pour moi pour pouvoir regarder votre vidéo en entier mais sur les quelques images que j'ai vu,cet #athlète semble bien sympathique,belle fin de semaine à vous..




Can it hide a body



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