New York Knicks 🏀

Fashion Week prep.
(📸 @gq)




Where is the fashion???


Why they did my son like that @rjbarrett 😂


Nigga look like Stephen A


This bad fit 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣


Nigga got hips 😂


I post nba polls 🏀🤟🔥


Son went through Walt Clyde closet


First they had him in the small shorts. Now these Melo draft night pants. Smfh


Looking like clyde back in 99'


Dead wrong






Dear @rjbarrett, PLEASE DON'T LEAVE THE FIRST CHANCE YOU GET. You, @kknox_23 and @desmith4 are the core the @nyknicks need. Even this atrocious front office can build a team with those pieces. At first hings will be awful at the Garden but you can change that. God damnit, get us out of the gutter! I'm sick of being the laughingstock of the league, we're going on 20+ years.


😭😭 we gotta get the young bul right he hurting


grow the fro


Big suit ass 🤣 big boot ass


Who authorized the fit of this suit


2000s baggy drip 💧 😂😭💀


Melo draft suit fr 😂


Ay what in the steve harvey you got goin on @rjbarrett


Rj A. Smith 😂😂😂 @rjbarrett


The fact that he's getting roasted by his teammates in the comments 😂


Trendsetter @rjbarrett bout to have yall in big suits next year

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