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Goddess of smoky eyes & snatched brows πŸ‘Έ @bydanielleathena combines #kaBROW! in shade 4 & #gimmebrow+ volumizing brow gel in shade 4 to get the look! #regram #friendswithbenefit






This is stunning wow😍😍❀️❀️πŸ”₯






Fall vibes ! I love it πŸ”₯😍




I love the subtle white reflection on her right eye along with the same reflection on her left eye as well. Details matter and this proves this is a wonderful image. Obviously the make up is amazing, but I really enjoy studying the details. Excellent post.


Wow ❀️ what’s the eyeshadow??


-gorgeous πŸ’•






Lovely 😍❀️






Beautiful 😍


Stunning !


Hey!! I’m a young mua πŸ’– it would be amazing if you could check out my account 😊


Beautiful 😍😍😍


My Favorite❀️❀️😍😍 BenefitπŸ™






fall vibes 🧑



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