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The definition of perfect brows ✨ @lupita_lemus carves out these amazing #benefitbrows with #kaBROW cream-gel in shade 6 and builds natural-looking fullness with #foolproof brow powder in shade 5! #regram #friendswithbenefit






these brows are actually goals now😍


@aa99_888 عبالك أنتـჂ̤ 💜😍


Ooof that’s a sharp brown 🙌 we stan a crisp edge sister!!!



brow goals 😍






Congrats!!! @lupita_lemus Amazing skills!


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Stunning 💖


Perfection 😩❤️😍


I need these eyelashes !!


Ma sono perfette 😍😍 wow ❤️




@skyzzle_fizzle like who do I talk to about these brows? I need them in my life


Theym brows😍😍

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