Victoria's Secret

@Camillekostek at last night’s Bombshell Intense launch party. See more @vsbeauty.

73,216 The Times Square EDITION



@marinaassisoliveira Queri, look at this 😍


@victoriassecret I wish to model for you someday😭🤞🏻💜


SKSK and I oop bombshell omg sksk


Your Beautiful


👏İ wish you gush would and sexy. Angel body mist i. Miss those two👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥




Touch touch


Disgusting fucked up shit show


Please @victoriassecret stop uploading more pics from clients ... PLEASE, we need more our angels, we need the image of the brand, of j wanna post some clients, do it by stories not by posting them on the profile ! 😐




Hey I have that perfume don’t use it but I have it


I love the bobbies


Wish u guys would come back!!😍


I hate this fragrance. This smells like cough syrup, there is nothing alluring or sexy about Robitussin.


I liked your post before this one. It was a gorgeous picture.. Why did you cancel it? 😭


Bomb dia as they almost say...heh


Miss you Camille😍


Bombshell Paris was ❤️😍

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