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Drop a 😱 below if you’re blown away by our #boiing Cakeless Concealer!
Head to our IG Stories to watch us demo its waterproof, transferproof, full-coverage wear! #benefit




Таналками заказ можна


Wow thats amazing! 😍






Is the same with the foundation? ❤️


I’d be blown away if there was a bigger shade range.


Still not over boiing airbrush concealer being discontinued! How does the formula compare?!?!?!?


Need a foundation like that




Not much of a range for this big of a company.


Finally got my “sample” bottle in the other day and I absolutely love the coverage. It’s not thick and goes on like butter lol😱😱💗

So where are the dark colors...


@kittyy____xo try this for your tattoo


How about oil and sweat


I live in the desert. This stuff does not budge no matter how many gallons of water I sweat out while running around campus. Love this stuff!!! ♥️


Still need to try this!!

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