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Let's start off by saying... I would have never turned my livingroom into a gym much less wake up on Saturdays to workout a year ago.

Over the past year I have become obsessed with being a healthier version of me. I didn't say skinner, I said healthier! There is a difference!

I have went out of my convert zone on multiple occassions as a coach. I mean first of all your are reading this post. This is way out of the convert zone to be vulnerable. However my drive and desire to help others while helping myself, has overcome my personal vulnerability.
Yesterday, I decided to poll my team to see where they were in the midst of life. Most of us said we had been off track and needed a little kick to get restarted.

NOW... here is the important part I want you to focus on! Whether it was in person, on our virtual gym or a solo run, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM showed up for themselves and our team today!

Some might be quick to say, " See they fell off the wagon." But don't you dare focus on the "off track". What you should focus on is the positive part "they held theirselves accountable and showed the [email protected]&# up today". In the past 24 hours we have all been through the ringer. And trust me, don't even get us started on the past few weeks.

Today we made a choice! We can either continue to let it strap us down or we can get up and start fresh.

Today we all decided to start fresh!! And we had fun doing with our kiddos by outsides.

If you are struggling and feel your off track, join us. Our virtual gym comes with a personal trainer who doesn't cost you extra and we get nutrition advice too.

But my favorite free gift is the fit family that comes with no strings attached and no hidden agenda. Our agenda is all the same. Healthier verison of ourselves!

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