He was supposed to throw to the receiver to the left he threw it somewhere else 🤣🤣🤣




The guy in the back dropped it... the one who #5 threw too


His hands were above the ball at a 10-20 yard throw. He also was not it the tutch down zone. So no ponits and he dropped it.


Omg he threw da ball & da katcher didn't katch right 🤦😹💯


I really wanna laugh but I don’t get it 😂

When the QB is color blind


Jajajajajaja pero esnserio!


To all the blind people in the comments, the dude missed the catch🤣


The dude in the backround didn't catch the ball.. Why is it hard for everyone to understand 😂


What Is Yall Blind? Da ball went right thru da nigga hands 😂 catch up


He definitely did not catch that. Are y’all slow?


LOL some people are crazy they're talking about the white quarterback and the black guy I don't think this has anything to do with black or white, LOL I think it's about dropping the ball




he didnt catch it it hit his helmet


Worry about your steelers


Wrong team dipshit😂


Don’t get it


This is why they won’t ever be a good team


Ball went straight through his arm arms when he went jumping for it


But your stealers forgot to even joke the ball bro 😂😂😂😂 pats finna get another ring and piss everyone off


This why they need Kap

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