Whats your gamer tag cuzz?


can u play Xbox with me @snoopdogg


Ooh is that the Soulja board haha


Doog.ill whoop.u on 2k




snoop if your high ass put that xbox controller down and sober up and pick up a ps4 controller


Y’all still finna call Xbox gay.




I have a Xbox can u add me my user is


only ni🅱️🅱️as here who hate xbox? ps⃠


Don’t nobody play xbox


Wat u plaing over there?


Xbox? My manz need to come to the dark side. Playstation


Yeah boy xbox


I would love to chill with Snoop smoking on dat weed and playing some Xbox sounds like a great day


Xbox gang


Add my xbox acc deadriper21


Ps 4😨 Fuck Xbox


Ps4 💯💯


I'll kick some xbox with @snoopdogg anyday!!!

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