“The reason why we did this (👆) is to bring some positivity to our community. We hope this encourages people to find something they are passionate about and leave the world a better place.” – Darian Simon, co-founder of Be A Good Person

Views from Denver this past weekend c/o @beagoodpersonbrand and @lululemonmen, with art by @detour303
#thesweatlife #hypecourts

19,348 Curtis Park, Denver





@tatsuki_maclelov That's a great question. We'd love to help you find what you're looking for, and we'll just need to chat about which country you're shopping from to make sure we're digging in the right places. Send us a DM so we can do our best to track down some emerald swim gear.


I have question do you have emerald colored swimming pants


@hannah.carlson Thank you for stopping by and sharing these good vibes—this initiative and art by our friend Thomas Evans is incredibly representative of our glowing community.


Love it so much! This is amazing!!!!


@kirstenmacgregorr Please send us a DM, Kirsten⁠—feedback is at the heart of everything we do, and we'd love to chat further about your recent experience.


What ever happened to high quality lululemon clothing and customer service? I recent had 4 pairs of pants literally fall apart at the seams and a bra where the clasps broke off, tried to return them online and they told me that it was normal wear and tear? I’ve had all the items less than 1 year. When you’re paying $100 per item it’s pathetic they don’t even last a year. I have some lululemon items I truly love and have been a loyal lululemon sweat collective member for over 5 years now, but after this experience I don’t think I’ll be shopping at Lululemon anymore. Such high prices, such poor quality and such poor customer service. As a fitness instructor I will certainly be sharing this very poor experience with all my clients. Nobody needs to waste their hard earned money on cheap poorly made products.


@emsteh We'd love to give you the full lowdown of our quality promise. Send over a DM to chat, Emily.


@lululemon why the sudden shadyness on your quality promise? Any product I have concern with now, Lulu doesn't seems to care. Wastes my time asking for information and then just tells me it doesn't fall under your quality promise. What DOES fall under your quality promise? Please be more clear on your website.


@the_socal_ep3 We'd love to hear more about your in-store experience, and turn this situation around—feel free to send us a DM.


You should really teach your Temecula store this moto. Completely embarrassing behavior. Insulting to say the least.


I like your company


@ashleyscarpelli I see you 👀🙌🏼


A new You begins with a 10-day lux Vipassana - Hydra, Bali, Fez, Bodrum, Bhutan, Maldives. Coming soon @namasteretreats


That court looks so cool...and courteous!




@bethgoerdt We're stoked on this stellar initiative too, Beth.


gotta love denver and lulu lemon😏🤩


@rece.gerke Considered it passed on to the product team.


@lululemon put in a good word for them for me too please! love and miss them <3


@lucas.gaga We'll put in a good word with the design team, and let them know you'd like to see the men's Scuba Hoodie make a comeback.


@lululemon ya, but the Subas were so nice and thick...


@lululemon goal is to be fluent in 1 year with 30 minutes of practice daily 🤗


@lucas.gaga Lock down the City Sweat Zip Hoodie—your best zip up for all your post sweat needs.


@dkarch5 my favorite things 😏


No more Scuba men’s hoodies???


@mssmerrymary Day 5 and on a roll—keep at it!


@lululemon you bet I am!! One of them is to be fluent in Hindi. Today is day 5 😊


@dowmr_15 Thanks for reaching out to generously share the love you have for our brand, as well as share some of your outlook on life. Your positivity is inspiring. We'd love to hear more about your ideas around what kind of shoes we should carry—feel free to send us a DM, so we can learn more.

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