President Donald J. Trump

Today and every day, we pledge to honor our history, to treasure our liberty, to uplift our communities, to live up to our values, to prove worthy of our heroes, and above all, to NEVER FORGET. #Honor911




Come back Reza Pahlavi Iranian tanks






So true. Very well put.




God bless America


And Malita is Empress Malida, and you Trump will learn to act like a gentlemen when I jackboot you teach you that Im your Master and Lord, and you are the Serf


Yet the World accepts me as gens of dethrowned war criminals, please explain your excuse, yes Im Worthy, my ancestor are King William I Of England, Mailta, Empeor Of Germany and The Ro


Trump 2020


Thank you Trump! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸






RIP from ROK 😞😞😞


@realdonaldtrump please Sir can you stop Nigerians celebrities, corrupt politicians, fraudsters from coming to the United states of America to give birth just because of citizenship. Until they fix Nigeria they shouldn't be allow in.


Like for the best President of the United States ! Donald Trump !




Ill braid ur hair🍊🍊




Easy way for better gun CHECKS is too have all PRIVATE gun sales goooo through a licensed gun store for a fee set by government so the BACKGROUND check can be done legally..and thorough.


کیر داداشم تو کون داداشت که فقط گوه میخوری





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