Ansel Elgort

Time warp
@goldfinchmovie this weekend




ohhh i get it now


Omg, q ele tá do lado do Ansel 😍


You used to be famous when you were unproblamatic and then you threw Taylor Swift under the bus and now you're flopping. Be humble.


My hit kinggggg🔥😮


Just watched it!! Love it!!!!!! Wow! So much depth!!


Annie!!! Looks like you are having fun and making friends- good for you!


iconic duo






Amazing movie😍


What the hell


so knew they had some resemblance


I thought this was you @gatt0n








Энсел замечательный парень, актер и музыкант. Люблю песню home alone




Fantastic job on the movie. Loved it. It made me feel something I haven’t felt in a while. Thank you.

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