Team USA had won 58 straight international tournament games with NBA players on its roster before its #FIBAWC loss to France. Here are the staring 5's for the last two Team USA defeats ⤴️




I’m being deadass serious who is joe harris


Why does Harris start over Middleton?


@garrettperkins Captain Kirk, your player equivalent AND doppleganger!!


2006 all day is bettee


Who are these kids? Thats why we lost.


Take the under!!!


Did they mean starting 5s?


Captan Kirk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Omfg we really had joe harris starting???😭😭


Kirk Hinrich 😂😂😂 Better Had Lost


That explains a lot


That team wouldn’t make it to the eastern conference finals


@tommi190713 58 games like 2002 58 games


😂😂😂😂😂These players plays for lower teams in the nba and they were selected for the fiba competition that’s really funny 😂😂😂😂😂


4 of the players on the '06 team were Atlanta Hawks (at some point)....Ima Hawks fan...but that might explain that one though


Idgaf who the president, we need that GOLD MEDAL


was kirk rlly the best pg in 06


makes sense 😭


What a joke


Kirk was nice


Still don’t know how joe Harris started over ka$h Middleton



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