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Baby got BROWS! πŸ’£ @mariagabriela_mua transforms her #benefitbrows with #preciselymybrowpencil in shade 6, #browzings in shade 6 & #gimmebrow+ in shade 5! #regram #friendswithbenefit




Omg the difference 😍😍😍




Wow i need this 😍😍😍













What are your goals? Me:




I love the before


How did you make the part of your brows on the inside look so natural? I have a scar in one brow on the inside where hardly any hair grows and I would love your look. Gorgeous!


@benefitcosmetics yes !! Love this 😍😍


Looks amazing!!!!πŸ’—


Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω„Ω‡ حبيييΨͺ

I prefer the first one. So much beautiful


First ones better


@hannahhammondd_ can you sort my eyebrows out with this plsssssss

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