Sarah Aswell

After a couple of months of commuting to work by bike, I finally had my first accident. I didn’t get hit by an oncoming SUV like I’d been fearing — No, instead, I somehow ate shit in my very own driveway for no known reason. I’m a little banged up, but my favorite part is this bruise on my leg that has the perfect imprint of a bike pedal in the middle of it.




Cool tattoo


Oof. Glad you’re okay.


I commuted by bike in college for two years. About 15 miles a day. Never had a wreck on the road or even a close call. No mobile phones then so it was safer.


I’ve done similar things. That’s an impressive bruise.


🙌 Bike commuter! I also had a bike mishap for unknown reasons today. Bruised legs are my normal.

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