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Little PSA folks, please remember to lock your cars when ducking in for your daily ritual - we seem to have a minor crime wave hit Dirty Diana and unfortunately one of our lovely customers has had their car pinched •
I know, quiet backstreets of a suburban area, how does this happen? Can’t give you the answers but we reckon there’s some crazy cats lurking around so don’t take the chances; I’m also one who leaves their car on while running in so it’s just unfortunate and a little unheard of •
We’ll keep our eyes on your cars anyway but sometimes we’re too busy making coffees •
Stay safe team!
#safteyfirst #dirtydiana #blackburn #localsupport

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@ohallorandimitria 😳😱oh gee! Thanks for the heads up. Bit disappointing and scary that this is happening in our lovely neighborhood

@ohallorandimitria yeah, can’t believe it

@joshbub we could get a pink one, also named Marshmellow.


Time for a security puppy 🐶?!?!? He could be called marshmallow if he was white ?!?!

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