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Owlets Auditioning | Photograph by Shane Keena (@smkeenaphotography)
“Two young burrowing owlets (Athene cunicularia) explore just outside their burrow at sunrise, taking in the big world that awaits them,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Shane Keena. “As they became more comfortable with my presence, they hopped and frolicked around their burrow watching me watch them.”

"What an interesting pair that are not unlike some of the bird characters we see today in animated movies. In fact, it is almost as if they are auditioning with you for their own feature film." — #YourShotPhotographer Nicholas Paoni (@npaoni)






Lovely capture ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏻




Look like tiny people!!!




Wow that is creepy


Owl walk, cute




Cool picture 👍


I love, love, love them.. 😍😍😍 so adorable


amazing shot 🙌 so into it






Funny little babies , so cute ! ♥️


How sweet! 👌





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