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Photo by Gerd Ludwig @gerdludwig | Kharytina returns to her village home inside the contaminated Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Although isolated and surrounded by devastation, she preferred to die on her own soil. This photograph, taken a few years ago, is part of my current Chernobyl museum exhibit in St. Petersburg.
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Led Zeppelin volumen 4




Native place will take care you i wash it is Symbol of courage and determination




Visual description: An individual that appears to be a woman is dressed in black and is hunched over and holding a tall walking stick. In the background is a wooden house that looks fun over. The sky is blue and it appears to be daytime.


خداقوت پهلوون


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На верхней части лица устарушки тень но сама она как и ее палка тень не отбрасывает.бабулю поместили на этом снимке.это явный монтаж.домик это давно брошенное строение а окна новодел.




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Это наглядный позор всем политикам, всему начальству и всем бездушным недолюдям земли!


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