Sarah Aswell

I’m reading Charlotte’s Web to the girls for the first time. I remembered how wonderful the story is, but completely forgot how beautiful the sentence-level writing is. What a special book.




Nice reminder. I wasn't sure at first if this was Black Beauty.


That was a great read aloud book! So were the Little House books, especially the 3rd one called “Farmer Boy”. It was all about her husband Almanzo’s family farm and covered a whole year, starting in the fall and ending with summer. I remember being fascinated by all the descriptions of what went into running a farm back then, season by season. Lots of great food descriptions... so many pies! And then of course there is Frances Hogdson Burnett (A Little Princess with those fabulous Tasha Tudor illustrations) and Alcott’s Little Women. Reading aloud is the BEST! Can I come over?!


(Might I recommend for the perfect follow up when you’re done, especially if you can do an Irish or Yorkshire accent, is Babe the Gallant Pig. Similarly delightful.


I’ve read this aloud to my kids four times. It’s such perfect writing. And so fun to do voices for each animal. ❤️

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