I’ll never forget the day I met Barry Maguiar, President of Meguiar's, Inc. My takeaway that day was humility and authenticity.

That day Mr. Maguiar didn’t have to say who he was. He didn’t have to give a big speech of what he had or what he didn’t have. He basically showed it through his actions and through the way he interacted with the crowd.
He was authentic.
He was real.
He wore no masks. He was just himself, true blue to the core.

That’s how we as leaders need to be. Authentic and real. In the good and in the bad. No hidden agendas. No hidden secrets. Just plain and simple.

Next time you ‘walk through the crowd’ just be yourself. That’s what people are looking for. A leader they can trust. 😉☕️💪🏻
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